Quantum and CatDV

Introducing CATQ – the solution for content owners orproducers requiring a simplified and scalable end to endsolution for production, storage & archiving to optimize thevalue of their assets.

Don’t Settle; Accelerate and Scale

Confidently store, share, and retain your most important information with StorNext® Appliances.

Now you don’t have to choose between the shared-storage benefits of NAS and the high-performance scalability of a SAN. StorNext data management software gives you the best of both worlds. By combining efficient file sharing and data archiving with transparent tiered storage, you get unrivaled performance and scalability. And that helps customers like you keep moving your business forward by storing information rapidly, sharing it across platforms, and preserving it cost-effectively over time. Learn more about Quantum StorNext data management appliances and how it helps other customers accelerate their business at www.quantum.com/StorNext.

The combined solution, CATQ, features CatDV asset management software along with Quantum’s StorNext ProSTUDIO powered by StorNext 5, the next generation workflow storage platform providing content production, distribution and archive with the performance and reliability needed to meet extreme production delivery deadlines. The power of the StorNext QXS disk storage solution combined with the optional StorNext AEL LTO-6 tape library delivers a high-performance, reliable working environment along with a united storage foundation for the most demanding production workflows.

CatDV and Quantum

CatDV and Quantum provide a great solution for all your asset management and archiving needs.


  • seamless integration with both CatDV Media Asset Management and Quantum StorNext
  • saves time, reduces manual steps
  • automation minimises chance of manual errors so reduced mistakes vs manual mechanism or bespoke scripts
  • future proof – uses standard CatDV and StorNext features to ensure data is protected for the long term
  • proven solution – many successful implementations managing of thousands of assets


  • support for archive, purge (deletion of on-line files), backup (archive then purge) and retrieve operations
  • comprehensive record keeping within CatDV of status from StorNext
  • reporting of detailed  archive statistics and health within CatDV
  • archive functions appear as CatDV menu option
  • support for all media formats and types supported by CatDV

System Requirements

  • CatDV Worker running on mac OSX 10.6 or above
  • CatDV Server on either mac or Windows
  • CatDV Pro or above
  • CatDV Worker 4 or above

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