QLS Archive is the essential middleware that will link CatDV or FocalPoint Server with Archiware, Quantum, XenData, Space and Atempo ADA. It communicates with both the MAM and the Archive Handler in order to ensure a failsafe and clear archive and restore process.

QLS Archive Visual

Experience shows that only a small percentage of archived files will be needed for future events. However protection of all assets will ensure accessibility of all those vital files in the future. 

QLS Archive primarily deals with media location, whether online or committed to archive for long-term storage. Considering the cost of high bandwidth storage, QLS Archive may also be employed for ‘edit with proxy’ workflows where the high definition media is required for final conform tasks.


CatDV and QLS Archive

CatDV provides first class media asset management and is the essential control component for your metadata, including file location and historical events relating to archive operations. While QLS Archive directs media by operator request, CatDV receives tracking metadata detailing the media location at any point in time. Operations are performed at the CatDV asset level, the individual record of a CatDV import. Simple archive and restore are performed in the CatDV Interface.


FocalPoint Server and QLS Archive

FocalPoint Server is the world’s most advanced workflow management tool and will automate file location, naming and archiving media projects and their metadata. QLS Archive will communicate with FocalPoint Server as well as with the Archive Handler to ensure that every project is safely archived. Full projects or individual pieces of media can be simply archived and restored.