Overcome Chaos

We understand the challenges you face

FocalPoint Server meets the challenges of production head on, enabling you to take control of teams of editors, designers and creatives, across numerous departments to multiple deadlines. This means…

  • Multitudes of editors, designers and creatives
  • Searching for lost assets
  • Naming files incorrectly
  • In a multitude of applications
  • In multiple storage locations
  • Projects become untrackable

Achieve order

We’ve created a tool that meets these challenges.

FocalPoint Server is a new way to create, version, track and search all your editing projects, graphics and documents, providing a simple, intuitive user interface which eliminates confusion.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy search
  • Consistent file naming enforced through drop down menus
  • Correct save location through projects
  • Error free versioning
  • Status notifications make communication instantaneous and workflows super-efficient

Manage creativity

You can take control without limiting the possibilities.

Everyone can access work instantly as FocalPoint Server automatically maintains the necessary folder structures for major NLEs such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere, and VFX and graphics packages such as Maya, Nuke or Hiero.

  • Complete customisation
  • Total flexibility
  • Kickstart creative projects via a social media style portal
  • Limit company risk with transparency

Deliver efficiency

You can do more, painlessly, better, and for less.

FocalPoint Server can expand effortlessly to accommodate millions of projects, maintaining a central database of all file and project data, ensuring workflows are super-efficient and saving you and your teams time and money.

  • Reduce file management time by 99%
  • Reduce file and worktime loss to 0%
  • Reduce failed searches to 0%
  • Reduce search times by 85%

Safeguard Assets

You maintain control without risk to assets, brand or reputation.

Projects provide central containers for all media, logging information and data, including sequences and markers. This abundance of information is kept securely in FocalPoint’s database.

  • Templates within applications set format automatically
  • Media and reputation secured
  • Reliability of high availability hosting
  • Resilience through automatic back-up
  • Effortless archiving with links to all major systems


For more information go to the website www.focalpointserver.com