There are those who have had a hard drive failure, who would never ever be without a back up. And there are those who haven’t, and have no contingency plan. Don’t risk it! Be secure in the knowledge that technical failures in your company do not lead to expensive losses. Be covered, make sure you have a back up.


Simple, Complete Protection for your Critical Data

Symantec offers fast and affordable backup and recovery designed for your organisation’s needs. Every business depends on data, so data loss is never an option. Symantec products back up your data and can recover it in no …

P5 Archive

Archiware produces excellent back up and archive software, that combined with LTO and CatDV or FocalPoint Server, creates a perfect end to end solutions.

P5 Synchronize

Replicate data to ensure high availability.Archiware P5 Synchronize lets you replicate data to ensure high availability. Servers, …