At Quad Logic, we do more than specify the hardware and software you need. We install, commission, and maintain your system, train your staff and give ongoing support when you need it. By offering all these services under one roof, we save you the time and expense of sourcing and dealing with different suppliers.

We Vow To Be There For You.

Quad Logic’s highly experienced staff don’t just make sure your system performs exactly the way you need it to – they are also available to modify it as your business needs change. And our professional trainers offer further help in the form of comprehensive training that’s friendly, jargon-free and designed to suit the way you your staff want to learn. Training sessions and courses can take the form of one-to-one tuition or formal classroom instruction and are always carefully geared towards the appropriate level for the audience.

We provide IT Support for many different business models. Whether you are solicitors, accountants, production house artists or just have some general IT administration needs, we have experience in advising and installing the hardware and software you need. We consult on, and then provide year round support on;
NAS & SAN, OS and general software, Back up, Monitors, IT Support, Archiving, Broadcast, Sporting Events, Workflows and any other hardware.

We help companies all over the world to realise their IT needs. Every company is unlike any other and the computer system you need must reflect your individual needs.

We Vow To Listen.

Think of us as your own IT department – we will listen to your unique requirements and find the best solution for you.

When we come in, first and foremost we discuss and analyse your requirements. We will access the current IT system. If there is existing hardware, we will try to incorporate it into our new solution to avoid unnecessary costs. You may not need the latest and most powerful Server with the budget you are working to.

We Vow To Be Honest.

As a totally independent IT consultancy we are at liberty to recommend whichever products are best for you. We will not only advise but we can also offer install, maintenance and continued IT Support.

Our consultants help solicitors, video and graphics editors, lawyers, Volvo Ocean Racers…. see our Customer Reactions for more information on our varied experience.